Cryptic Interactive, Inc. Security Notice

It has come to our attention that a large portion of criminal activities has been trying to compromise our systems. No information is nor has been at risk, we just noticed a large inflation in attempted attacks attempting to flood out our networks which seems to be on a daily.

We've began an immediate investigation into the possible DDoS Attackers and from here on out, if anyone nor any entity wishes to probe where they do not belong inside of our systems, will result in such platforms being blacklisted forever.

Services which may become blacklisted, will not be able to remove it in the future. Our blacklists are permanent and we have made many attempts to shut down the attackers we've caught, however that doesn't seem to be doing enough.

We have began to understand that the reason why such criminals wish to attack others online is and could be because trusted entities (such as Cloudflare) refuse to disconnect criminally active networks unless the user is required to provide personal information as to where Cloudflare will just hand in your information to the criminals.

We have analyzed over 300,000 records of attempted attacks and have issued abuse reports for all entities and have only found that a small portion around only 2-3 reports have been taken seriously and the entities have been disarmed.

But, we're not happy with this result and will continue to investigate this situation as it develops and will keep striving to work better with our partners or we may have to make some technological advancements in the future. We do not wish to be a part of a System that refuses to help weave the fraudulent entities that are stealing people's identities, sending phishing emails, text messages, calls, DDoS attacks and much more means of "non-physical" technological attacks on the innocent.